What I found out about the tracking-pixel in digital advertising

Past year I’ve been fortunate enough to solely be able to work on the technology for cross-platform and multi-channel ad-sales agencies.

Finding ways to track events such as how many times an ad was exposed (impressions), how much of a video was played before it was skipped, or how many times a mobile-ad was swiped.

I’m going to drill through the methods I went through and assemble a list of problems I encountered; And at the end the solution I find working best.

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Relaunching the blog with Octopress and Amazon S3

During a Skype conversation with an ol'buddy of mine, he asked me if I had decided what to do with my blog; And that he really wants to pick his own blogging up again. He told me he came up with Octopress as a replacement for Wordpress and asked if I heard about it.

“Not really, but came across it as well on Github I think some time ago. I like the concept of Jekyll though. If you don’t have any other intentions than just write text and code.” I said, as I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Exactly!” he responded, and I realized it’s basically the same thing.

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